Tribe Healthcare Insight: Are Children’s Services the same as Social Service?

Back in the day, Children’s Services used to be a distinct entity, but it’s now often referred to as “social services” after undergoing a transition.

The Children’s Act 2004 reinforces that all people and organisations working with children have a duty to help safeguard children and protect their welfare. The Act introduced the role of a director of children’s services responsible for the safety and well-being of all children in a council’s area.

Now, let’s dive into the primary purpose of Children’s Services.
Their main goal is to support and protect vulnerable children, providing extra assistance to children and families in need. When there’s a concern about a child being at risk, Children’s Services steps in to ensure their safety. The level of involvement varies based upon factors such as the type of help needed by parents, the presence of harm or risk, and the ongoing assessment of a child’s situation.

Tribe Healthcare plays a vital role in supporting service providers with skilled childcare practitioners who specialise in working with children and young people.

Our dedicated childcare staff deliver comprehensive residential services, maintaining the highest standards of physical, social and emotional care for individuals.

We offer various forms of support, including:

  • Children and Young People’s Support Workers
  • Children Residential Support Workers
  • Senior Practitioner – Children’s Services

With over a decade of experience, Tribe Healthcare is constantly on the lookout for experienced staff to join our healthcare bank.

We cover shifts in supported living settings, ensuring a strong foundation for the well-being of children and young people across the North East.

Contact Tribe Healthcare if you’re to join our team.