Two terrific months of marketing at Tribe

Have you spotted Simon yet? If not, chances are you’ve at least spotted his work over the last couple of months. By 5pm on November 6th, he will have been part of the Tribe for two months… although it does feel like he’s been here much longer…

… although not in a negative way at all – he’s slotted in so smoothly that the place just wouldn’t feel right without him now!

The start of something wonderful

Since starting his role as Marketing Coordinator, within our growing Finance & Operations team, Simon has been engrossed in spreading the good word and work of Tribe far and wide. He’s been integral in the launch of our new website (yes, the one you’re on right now!), and getting the entire team involved in social media, content creation, brand awareness, and offline communications.

“It really doesn’t feel like he’s a new face at all,” says Key Accounts Director, Leandra Smith. “In the last two months his skills and personality have become assets, both to the business as a whole, and the workforce. As well as adding quality to the way we communicate online, he’s helped the recruiters to reach new candidates, got us all thinking about marketing, and carved his own impression on this new position in the business.”

Making marketing a team effort

Before joining Tribe, Simon had spent several years working in other content and marketing communications roles, both in the North East and Yorkshire, and studied at both The University of Sunderland, and The University of Brighton.

On his two months here so far, he commented: “What I love most about Tribe, is that it’s exactly that; a Tribe, where everyone speaks the same language, so to speak, and embodies common goals, values, and a positive ethos. While getting the team involved in marketing, I’ve been able to learn more about recruitment, and the way information is shared internally is brilliant. It’s a great place to work, and in the future I’d love it if I became some sort of Tribe elder!”

(In that case, perhaps we make this blog post something akin to an online time capsule – and show it to Simon again, once many more two months of Simon Trelfa at Tribe have passed?)