What does Consultant mean in the title, Recruitment Consultant?

 consultant (from Latinconsultare “to deliberate”)  is a professional (also known as expert, specialist) who provides
advice and further purposeful activities in an area of specialization  

Wikipedia’s translation is very broad but in the context of recruitment consultancy, below are the points that we believe summarise what you would expect from a seasoned recruitment consultant:

  • Work in partnership with and in the best interests of a client or candidate.
  • Provide expert analysis and advice on recruitment.
  • Understand the candidate market and find the ideal prospects.
  • Knowledgeable in their specific area of expertise.
  • Provide a client or candidate with honest feedback on a potential engagement.

There are many more and these are just a few… The point is that when you become a Recruitment Consultant there are predefined expectations and skills that people would expect from you (without even looking at your job description).

Of late the recruitment market has gone through a mini revolution, people are looking at the bigger picture, dare I say it “The Work Life Balance”, how to earn a decent wage but also able to enjoy family time. Also let’s not forget stability and loyalty as the pandemic proved that working for the same company for a long-time gives you additional work rights and job security.

So, with all of this in mind, why do companies undermine consultants, more so recruitment consultants?

Consultants are used to hearing… Client: I’m not prepared to pay that much, that’s ridiculous! I’m sure you can find someone cheaper to do the same job” (bearing in mind the position has been open for months)! Or the… Consultant: “Fantastic news, the client wants you to start as soon as your notice period is finished” Candidate: “About that, I’ve spoken to my boss, and she’s offered me a pay increase so I’m staying where I am”. There is no right or wrong, each is looking after their own best interests.

 In today’s market it comes as no surprise that people are hesitant or cautious when it comes to moving jobs or taking a new position. In times like these companies should draw on the experience of the recruitment consultants who are in constant contact with candidates and talking to clients about their requirements and issues. Recruitment consultants sit in the middle (and no not a middleman!) of the market as they have the interest of both parties in the mind, working to match the ideal candidate to the perfect opportunity, it is very much a balancing act… Driving a Win – Win outcome!

Consultants need to be empathic and listen, questioning to understand and broad minded to solve problems, this sounds simple but a good consultant is this and a whole lot more. However for the partnership to work, the client and candidate for that matter must trust the process if they wish to be successful.

A consultant’s success is combination of understanding and managing candidate aspirations as well as client expectations and being an indispensable recruitment resource with extensive market knowledge.

If you trust the consultant, they will work the process to deliver your RESULT!