Baring our soles for Teesside Hospice

The countdown is on – four members of the team are set to take on a fiery fundraising challenge. Leandra, Matthew, Amy and Simon are all taking part in the charity event, with proceeds going towards the wonderful work of Teesside Hospice.

Just a few short weeks after we were announced as official corporate sponsors of the Teesside-based charitable organisation, the chance to do a little more – and hopefully raise plenty of money – was simply to good to ignore.

And, of course, firewalking presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to face up to a rather terrifying challenge. (After all – walking on hot coals is thankfully something we don’t have to do too often in everyday life!).

Following in the fiery footsteps of history!

A little bit more on firewalking, while we’re on the topic – did you know that the first recorded example of this unusual practice was all the way back in The Iron Age?! This event, which involved two Brahmin priests in India, challenging each other to see who could walk furthest over the coals, took place around 3200 years ago!

But, as we’ve already said, our brave team of intrepid firewalkers don’t have three entire millennia to wait (unfortunately for them!) – just the three weeks from the day of writing! So, please do support them if you can, and help us to in turn support our friends over at Teesside Hospice.

There are always plenty of other ways to help the charity though, and they do have a calendar full of fun fundraising events on the go throughout the year. To learn more about how you, or anyone, can get involved in their fundraisers, please visit their website, here.

A short walk goes a long way

So, our combined fundraising goal is to raise at least £400 between us, which will all be put to excellent use by the staff at the hospice. With at least £7000, daily, required to keep Teesside Hospice supporting people in the community, we do hope to raise more – but any little towards this target will of course help immensely.

If you’d like to contribute, you can visit our Just Giving page, right here:

(And in the meantime, wish Leandra and Co. luck come January 14th!)